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Interior  Advertising

Interior Ads get your message to over one MILLION riders each year.

Interior ads are available on select routes with high ridership. Ad rates are based on twelve-month terms and start as low as $99/month.

Interior bus ads are targeted towards those who ride the GoLine buses. 

Target your message to a captive audience with clean, crisp interior advertising. 

Ad sizes range from 11' x 24" up to 11" x 96". 

Call 772-569-7777

to learn how multiple bus interior advertising can reach millions of folks at incredibly low rates.


Interior Ads are available on the following routes:

Route 2 (Indian River Mall)

Route 4 (IG Center)

Route 8 (Gifford Health Center)

Route 9 (North County to Indian River Mall)

Route 10 (Fellsmere)

Route 14 (Gifford Health Center to Indian River Mall)

Interior ad rates are based on twelve month terms.  Call 772.569.7777 for additional terms and rates.

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