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Indian River County Bus Ads

We’re honored to be selected to manage Indian River County’s Transit Advertising Program. The opportunity to work with the County and the Senior Resource Association (SRA) is exciting.  We especially look forward to continue helping businesses and nonprofits take advantage of the most economical way to get their messages to the people.  You’ll see many advertising options, including short and long-term opportunities.  Be on the lookout for some creative ads rolling around Indian River County! Best of all, every ad sold helps support our FREE transit system.

Bus Advertising

Drive your message throughout the community

Cost Effective

Get more bang

for your buck

Increase Sales

Brand recognition - stay in front of your customers

When you want to reach everyone, every day, transit advertising will accomplish that. Your brand will have a large, colorful and a very creative design that will demand a second look. Well … many second looks! You'll be in front of them time and time again, moving throughout the community.

Transit advertising typically costs less than television, radio, billboards and newspapers. You'll reach the largest audience at the least cost! Exclusive in your own space, transit advertising reaches drivers, passengers and pedestrians all around town, no matter where they're going or what they're doing.

Your ad will be seen 13 hours each day, Monday - Friday and 8 hours on Saturday. This constant exposure to motorists and pedestrians passing by, at stops or paused traffic, will continually get your business noticed. Repetition, day-after-day, with a clear and larger than life graphic message will get you seen.


Route Maps

Buses on Routes

Interior Ads

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